Blueberry Protein Pancakes

Bit random right? But seeing as it’s Pancake day thought I’d share these healthy(ish) protein pancakes. All credit is due to Paddy for these creations cause I am a terrible cook and should never be allowed the near the kitchen. Luckily he is the most amazing cook ever ! So here they are … let me tell u now they taste amazing and are perfect before or after an early morning gym sesh. 

They are so simple to make and in all honestly we didn’t follow any particular recipe we just guessed. There are loads of simple Pancake recipes online 

Just switch some of your flour (we use self -raising) for vanilla protein powder about 50g and use almond milk if needed . The blueberries are definitely the important bit use about 200-500g in the Pancakes and extra for topping! Also make that sure that your banana is ripe!! Add some golden syrup and your good too go !!

Until next time 

Chloe x 


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