My name is Chloe Louise, I’m 20 and a pretty average southern girl.

In 2015, when  I was lucky enough to be picked for the Higher Apprenticeship scheme for one of the world’s largest financial institutions.So at the mere age of 18 I packed my bags and moved to Birmingham, a city that I’d never been to before but I can safety say its the best decision I’ve ever made. Although I miss home a lot, opportunities like this don’t happen all the time.

A few months later I was blessed to be able to work in Canary Wharf for a week where I met this amazing guy, that I am now so happy to say is my partner. ( Although I never thought i’d end up with a northern lad). Most of my weekends are split between me travelling up North, him travelling to Birmingham or me coming back down South to see my family.

This blog is basically a means for me to share things, more for memories than anything else, I very much doubt anyone will read it. I have a lot of travel plans this next year including  visits to Berlin , Portugal and New York and wanted to document them all.
After all pictures can hold memories but only words can describe how you truly felt at the time.

As for other hobbies I’m pretty much into anything a 20 year old would be. I spend hours upon hours of my time drooling at make up at clothes on Instagram and twitter and can easily waste an whole day watching YouTube vids. Me and the Boyf are also into our Netflix series, Homeland being our fave!! When I have free time away from studying I also regularly go to the gym, this is normally during my work lunch hour. Like everyone i’m not perfectly happy with my body, but who is?? I always say to myself there is no point moaning about something then  not doing anything to change it. (I’m also much better at giving advice than following that at of others, my friends will vouch for that). Having said that tho I can eat loads … Italian is my fave food, i’m probably 90% pasta.

So there’s enough about me,  I honestly have no idea what i will post on here and when but a little spontaneity is good right ?

I’m  off to Berlin next weekend with the Boyf, his present to me for my birthday ( Lucky girl i know) and am beyond excited.  (Expect lots of pics)

Chloe x